UK-Ukraine Network

The Programme

Supporting the Capacity Building of Ukrainian Research

The starting point of the Biochar for Negative Emissions (BiocharPro) network is to consolidate biochar research and industrial activities in the UK, promote international connections, and help the capacity building for Ukraine in this critical area. The project will tackle the technical, economic, environmental, social and skill challenges in a comprehensive view rather than individual problems, maximising negative carbon emissions and developing expertise in key processing technologies, building critical mass in academics across the supply chain, and promoting collaboration across the stakeholders in relevant sectors.

We want to create a network stimulating innovation, enabling the knowledge exchange, training future scientists and engineers with a greater understanding of advanced Biochar technology and creating opportunities to improve the sustainability of our environment. Thus, the engagement between the UK and Ukraine partners will help bioenergy development and bioresource management in Ukraine.

Moreover, we would like to expand our network with regular events that bring together researchers, industrial specialists, policymakers, early career researchers, students and the general public.

Fostering the reconstruction of Ukraine's research and scientific activities is not only a humanitarian imperative but also a strategic investment in the country's future stability and prosperity. The tumultuous conflict and political upheaval of recent years have significantly impacted Ukraine's scientific infrastructure and intellectual resources. To support the resurgence of its research and scientific endeavours, international collaboration and assistance are paramount. This can be manifested through collaborative research projects, financial support for research initiatives, exchange programs involving researchers, industrial specialists, policymakers, and students, as well as partnerships with Ukrainian universities and research institutions. By fortifying Ukraine's research and science sectors, we can contribute to the nation's advancement, stimulate innovation, and enhance global scientific cooperation. In doing so, we empower researchers, industrial specialists, policymakers, and students, all of whom play pivotal roles in shaping Ukraine's and the world's future.

Fig.1: Research Structure of CarbonPro network

Aims & Objectives

The over-arching goals of the network are:

  1. to advance research on biochar production and general applications by building strong academia-industry collaborations;
  2. to better understand the barriers to the implementation of the carbon-negative biochar system, as well as wider scientific initiatives;
  3. to support secondments underpinning knowledge exchange to drive national and international collaboration;
  4. to grow UK-Ukraine partnerships by addressing challenges activation and application, supporting Ukraine’s economic development.



UK-Ukraine Network



The Team

Prof. Sai Gu

Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor

University of Warwick

Prof. Patricia Thornley

Director of Energy and Bioproducts Research

Aston University

Prof. Paul Williams

Professor in Environmental Engineering

University of Leeds

Dr Chunfei Wu


Queen's University of Belfast

Dr Chenggong Sun

Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering

University of Nottingham

Prof. Ben Xu

Professor in Materials and Mechanics

University of Northumbria

Prof. Elena Korosteleva

Professor of Global Sustainable Development

University of Warwick


Ondřej Mašek

Professor in Engineering System

University of Edinburgh

Ms Sahara Chen

Project Facilitator

University of Cambridge

Dr Vitaly Budarin

Head of the R&D

Perechin Timber and Chemicals Plant

Mariya Maha

Chief Sustainable Development Officer

Perechin Timber and Chemicals Plant

Dr Alla Obors'ka

Chief Operating Officer

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Ukraine

Prof. Olena Pinchevska

Head of Department of Technology and Wood Design Products

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (NULES)


Opening Ceremony

The date and location will be added soon.

Project Partners