About us

About Us

Automation is an inevitability.

Imagine factories run, maintain, optimise production to maximise profit, all by themselves.

And we humans still retain the full control.

Here is our team that will help you to achieve this...

Prof. Sai Gu

Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor University of Warwick

Professor Sai Gu is Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor (China) at University of Warwick. Prior to his current appointment, he was the Head of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, at the University of Surrey. He obtained a PhD in Material Modelling from the University of Nottingham. He further pursued this material research as Post-doc at the University of Cambridge.  

Professor Gu has an international reputation for clean energy and material research. He has a long track-record of coordinating large collaborative projects with international partners and has successfully won over £10 million in grants from EPSRC, EU, Innovate UK and industry.

Professor Gu is an advocate of connected technologies for chemical engineering and has established the Centre for Connected Plants of the Future to bring together multi-disciplinary expertise cross the University of Surrey, exploring the development of technology-driven innovation for chemical industry. The latest success includes leading the EPSRC project “Stepping towards the industrial 6th sense”.

Prof. Gao Yang

Associate Dean & Professor

University of Surrey

Professor Yang Gao is the Associate Dean (International) for Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences (FEPS) and the Professor of Space Autonomous Systems at Surrey Space Centre (SSC). She is also the Head of the STAR LAB which specializes in robotic sensing, perception, visual GNC and biomimetic mechanisms for industrial applications in the extreme environments. She brings nearly 20 years of research experience in developing robotics and autonomous systems (RAS).

Prof. Pei Xiao


University of Surrey

Pei Xiao is a Professor in Wireless Communications at ICS, home of 5GIC. He is the technical manager of 5GIC, leading and coordinating research activities and overseeing major projects in 5GIC. His main research interests and expertise span a wide range of areas in communications theory and signal processing for wireless communications.

Dr Fengwei Yang

Research fellow

University of Surrey

Fengwei Yang is a computer scientist by training and have since held academic positions in mathematics and chemical engineering departments at the universities of Sussex and Surrey, respectively. His experiences range from numerical algorithm design for large 3D simulations, parallel programming on high-performance computers, general-purpose image processing, teaching and training via VR/AR development to designing patrolling robots for industrial environments.